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Fall Session Changes:  Contact us about this type of class. This class is being taught at the. It is a fusion class that incorporates different styles of tai chi and qigong. This is a good first step into the world of tai chi because the movements are easy to learn and the forms are short. But, with careful observation you will be able to see that each movement will have many layers of depth and meaning.


[First, the class will contain Dr. Paul Lams warm ups and step wise learning.

[Secondly, the form can be based on Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai chi for Osteoporosis (short forms that will help anyone regardless of age or condition)  depending on the class  population. ( see below the differences in the movements)

[The third emphasis will be on different types of qigong to help with wellness and healing.


Together they create a awesome foundation for health. This form can be stand on it's own with participants staying in this class with additional movements added or participants can then flow into the Yang 24 beginners class or the Sun style classes. 



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The Objectives of Tai Chi For Health & Wellness

  •  To provide a safe and interesting program for beginners, which is easy to learn for people of almost any physical condition or age without prior knowledge of Tai Chi

  • To improve health and wellness in general and the improve the quality of life

  • To improve relaxation and breathing

  • To reduce pain and stiffness

  • To provide a program that is designed to help people with diabetes and other conditions to gain better control, minimize and prevent complications through exercise that strengthen the physical as well as mental being.

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  Who Participates In this Class?  

Tai Chi for Health  is a class designed by Community Tai Chi for people who want a beginning tai chi class. It is designed to for people who want to maintain wellness,  who are new to exercise, or have a chronic condition participate in a program that is effective, safe and easy to learn.

The class follows the warms up and step wise instructions format that were specially designed by Dr. Paul Lam of Sydney Australia in conjunction with his team of Tai Chi associates and medical experts. We also use movements from Tai Chi Fundamentals by Tricia Yu. Tricia found that some of the movements in the traditional form were difficult to learn, complex or confusing. She developed a modified form that retains the feel of yang style yet is easy to learn.

This class is open to anyone who wishes to learn Tai Chi for its health benefits but may not want to learn the longer forms such as Yang 24 or the 41 or 73 Sun Form.

The class is tailor made for those who are looking for something to add to their exercise regime, new to tai chi or exercise, have pre- diabetes and diabetes or other chronic conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson's or MS. There are several progressive levels of exertion built into he program. These levels are roughly equivalent to slow to brisk walking. Each participant works at their own level.

All ages welcome!

Several progressive levels of exertions are built in, and are similar to slow to brisk walking.

The class benefits everyone!

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  How Tai Chi Can Be Effective For Health and Wellness



Tai Chi encompasses a wide range of styles and forms, each with their own characteristics, strengths and principles. Tai Chi For Health and Wellness uses two styles and both have much depth in the movements to make them interesting and fun.

  • Yang style was chosen for its soft hand movements, longer stances and weight bearing postures. This will use modified yang style movements that are easier to learn than the long Yang 37 form

  • Sun style qigong and other styles of qigong  were chosen as being particularly effective for beginners to learn to quickly feel the because of its forward and backward steps, higher stance, and powerful Qigong exercises.

About tai chi and wellness: Tai chi helps you to remember to breathe from your center deeply and slowly. By moving in slow rhythmic patterns, participants feel their alignment and make adjustments for a strong center and supporting muscles. It is weight bearing so it is good for our bones

About tai chi and Diabetes: Gentle exercises and diet have been shown by many scientific studies to prevent and manage diabetes.  Stress has been shown to make the control of diabetes harder to manage. Tai Chi is a gentle exercise with strong emphasis on relaxation.

About tai chi and other chronic conditions: Tai chi is enjoyable and can be done anywhere so it assists people with continuing their regular exercise which is so vital in controlling their condition. More studies on arthritis, Parkinson's, MS and the practice in tai chi have proven to help with balance and reduce falls.

Click Yin Yang Symbol to learn more about the history and different Tai Chi and Qigong styles .

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  The Benefits of Tai Chi



Regular and consistent Tai Chi practice:

  • *Improves muscular strength and flexibility

  • *Improves fitness and heart-lung capacity and stamina

  • *Improved balance and reduction of falls

  • *Reduces the levels of pain and stiffness

  • Promotes relaxation and ability to cope

  • Improves posture and body awareness

  • Improves concentration and memory

  • Increases feelings of well being and rejuvenation

[ Tai Chi movements emphasize the importance of weight transference which helps balance and prevents falls

[ * Based on documented studies and research. See Article Page for more information.

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   Twenty Tai Chi Movements Learned for Tai Chi For Diabetes/Health

Class consists of 20 movements, special warm ups, cool downs, breathing, and Qigong exercises all with health precautions. Once the Basic 11 movements are learned, the advanced 9 are added.  Additional movements will then be incorporated to increase the depth of the form. (S)=sun style (Y)= yang style

Regular and consistent participation in class and "playing" (practice) at home will maximize the benefits and strengthen the learning process.


Basic Movements

Advanced Movements


1.  Commencement Movement  (S) (Y)

1. Wave Hands in the Clouds X3 Left (Y)


2.  Opening and Closing Hands (S)

2. Opening and Closing Hands (S)


3.  Wave Hands in the Clouds X3 Left (Y)

3. Stroking the Bird's Tail Left (Y)


4.  Opening and Closing Hands (S)

4. Opening and Closing Hands


5.  Fair Lady Working at the Shuttle (S)

5. Stroking the Bird's Tail Right (Y)


6.  Open and Closing Hands (S)

6. Opening and Closing Hands (S)


7.  Toes Kicks Left and Right    (S)

7. Wave Hands in the Clouds X3 Right (Y)


8.  Opening and Closing Hands (S)

8. Opening and Closing Hands (S)


9.  Wave Hands in the Clouds X3 Right (Y)

9. Closing Movement (S (Y))


10. Opening and Closing Hands (S)



11. Closing Movement (S)




 Twenty Tai Chi Movements Learned for Tai Chi for Health full Yang

Class consists of 20 movements, special warm ups, cool downs, breathing, and Qigong exercises all with health precautions. Once the Basic 10 movements are learned, the advanced 9 are added.  Additional movements will then be incorporated to increase the depth of the form.

Regular and consistent participation in class and "playing" (practice) at home will maximize the benefits and strengthen the learning process.


Basic Movements

Advanced Movements


1.  Preparation

1. Snake Slides Down


2. Beginning

2. Golden Rooster stands on Right Leg


3.  Ward Off

3. Golden Rooster stands on Left Leg


4.  Roll Back (4, 5, 6 are Grasp the Birds Tail

4. Opening and Closing Hands


5. Press

5. Separate Hands to Kick Right


6.  Push

6. Separate Hands to Kick Left


7.  Step up to Open and close hands   

7. Brush Knee and Twist Step


8.  Repulse the Monkey

8. Punch or Step up, Parry and Punch


9.  Could Hands

9. Withdraw and Push


10. Single Whip

10. Cross Hands


11. Turn to Closing Movement

11. Closing

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  Class Structure and Information


   Please read general information about Classes offered by Community Tai Chi
  • Each class lasts 60 minutes
  • Pre-registration is required because:

    •  There is a size limit (12)  for class

    •  Personal instruction is emphasized as well as group instruction.

  • Sessions are scheduled in a 4-7 week series, with one class per week.
  • Cost is charged per  session. See Registration page for complete details

    • Elder rates available.

    • Try It for the First Time Class rates available.

    • Walk ins rates available.

  • Session schedule ( tentative) See Schedule and Registration page for complete list

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